Imagista: Stana Katic

Although Canadian born actress/producer Stana Katic thinks there’s “nothing extraordinarily unique” or “wildly interesting” about herself we politely disagree. If you’ve seen her remarkable performance on “Absentia” or know how passionate she is about supporting child welfare causes then we’re guessing you’ll beg to differ too. The fact that she also produces this hugely successful series on Amazon only adds to our sense of admiration for Stana.  Imagista caught up with this exceptional woman shortly after her Imagista photoshoot with Sergio Kurhajec.

Imagista: I spoke to photographer Sergio Kurajec shortly about your shoot for us with him. He was really impressed by your presence both on camera and in person. How was the shoot for you?

Stana Katic:  It was amazing, I loved working with him. I think that when an actor works with a photographer, it is really important to establish trust right off the bat. There is a silent communication that goes on throughout especially when an actor is asked to be vulnerable in a way that is revealing of yourself. What is wonderful is when I am able to connect with a photographer I am working with and Sergio set up a safe space for us to work in. He made me feel like I could be as open and as playful as I wanted to be, which is a testament to his talent and experience. He went above and beyond what a standard photographer would do.

I also got to work with stylist Mimi Fisher who is a Rockstar. The clothes she picked were effortless and edgy and it felt a little bit like we were post World War II.

Imagista: Did the styling put you in a different frame of mind? Did you embody a character during the shoot?

Stana Katic:  There was something very rock and roll about the clothes and it was effortless and unpretentious and honest. It is a testament to Mimi (stylist) and Sergio and their impeccable taste. It feels good to be in clothes that are well made and beautiful.

Imagista: You are playing Emily Byrne on the series “Absentia” and you’re also producing. How has this role and series impacted your life?

Stana Katic: As an actor and probably even more so as a producer of the show, it is tremendously gratifying to know that out of the gate, season two of ”Absentia” is one of the top performing shows for Amazon.  This means we are doing something right. We are finding our audience and that is a nice affirmation.

Imagista: Are there any other projects you are working on that you are excited about?

Stana Katic: I try to dedicate what free time I do have to projects that are tied to children’s welfare and education or to the environment. I find that when I am able to commit to service the global community, that offers me the most satisfaction and stimulation. So whenever I do have an opportunity to engage with an organization that works on either of those two fronts, I am both excited and grateful.

Imagista: Are there any specific organizations that you give your time to?

Stana Katic: When we were working on the show in Bulgaria, the crew and some of the cast gathered together and went to a local orphanage with the specific purpose of introducing what it is we do as filmmakers to the children there. Children need hope. They need dreams. If we could offer one avenue for which they look to as a potential future for themselves, we are happy. During the event, my colleagues and I brought along a PA who just happened to be an actor that worked in local children’s theater. Stunts, hair and special effects makeup came along, as well. We each introduced what our specific role in filmmaking is and we let the kids play in that arena. This made them see what talents they have and how useful all these qualities are in the world of show making.  When I engage in these things, it is not always for the public eye, it is really just amazing to give back and do something for the greater good of the world.

Imagista: Who has been your biggest influence throughout your life?

Stana Katic:  Honestly, anyone with flexible hamstrings! I just finished a yoga teacher training and I am so envious of these beautiful, wonderful yogis who have fantastic and flexible hamstrings.

Stana Katic @drstanakatic
Photographer: Sergio Kurhajec @sergiokurhajec
Stylist: Mimi Fisher @themimifisher
Hair: Matthew Monzon @matthewmonzon
Makeup: Lisa Aharon @lisaaharon @herbivorebotanicals
Digital Tech: Lucien Sims @luciensims
Lighting Technician: Jonathan Orenstein @jonathanorenstein
Retouching: Tyler Huff @pixelspaceny
Shot at Ten Ton Studio @tentonstudio


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